Who we are

We are a group of health researchers who, after years of studies and personal research, have decided to share our experience with all those who wish to embark upon a journey of awareness, through dynamism and relaxation of Yoga, conscious postural gymnastics (Pilates), grace and beauty of Tai Chi, creativity of biodance, emotional release of Holistic Kick Boxing, benefits of Shiatsu, Seminars of personal growth and relationship counseling: an instrument that can bring great benefits from learning to listen and open oneself to others, and a new orientation of the individual in his time of greatest discomfort, both in relationships and with himself. We believe strongly in this adventure and are always open to points for reflection, innovative proposals and any ideas proposed by our members and clients.

Claudia Bonfanti
Yoga teacher and Counselor
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Relationship counselor, Senior, Junior and Basic Yoga teacher, expert in relaxation techniques and body extension. She is the founder of Tatami – Yoga and Holistic Disciplines Centre. She manages the organization of the Centre, with particular attention to the realization of experiential workshops for body-cognitive personal growth.

Marialaura Bonfanti
Yoga teacher and naturopath
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Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher, she is a graduate in Naturopathy of the Naturopathy school in Trento, and of the Kerala Ayurveda University of Trivandrum (in Ayurveda), with a specialization in emotional washing, massage therapy, herbal medicine and nutrition. She also holds a master’s degree in Prenatal Yoga from the Prenatal Yoga Center in New York.

Aryā Giulia Tripodi
Yoga teacher
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Sattva Yoga and Meditation teacher, graduated at the Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India. Student at the Olistic School La Città Della Luce, where she starts Reiki and deepens disciplines like Family Constellations, Astrology and Ayurveda. Sound Healing and Devotional Indian Chants enthusiast, she deals with events dedicated to Bhakti Yoga.

Ilaria Canova
Pilates teacher
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Classical and contemporary dancer, she began her studies at IALS in Milan. She obtained a licence for Pilates Matwork at Power Pilates in Verona and started teaching Preliminary Ballet Classes, Modern Dance, Low Impact Excercises and Pilates Matwork. Today she is a Pilates trainer in the Feldenkreis Palestra Forte, in Milan.

Anna Salvi
Tai Chi Chuan teacher
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She started her training in the A.S.D. Cultural Chinese Art Academy, where she obtained an Internal Instructor Certificate for Tai Chi. She obtained a diploma in Tai Chi Chuan from MSP ITALIA, with a qualification of instructor 1 Chieh. She has participated in various national competitions in Suisio, Ferno, Riccione, Merate, winning 10 gold medals, 5 silver and 4 bronze. In addition, she participated in the world competition in Rimini 2015 winning 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Virginia Conti
Belly Dance Teacher
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She starts her route with classic dance, then she goes to belly dance and graduates MIDAS teacher in oriental dances. She studies with international masters e deepens a lot of styles and techniques like tribal fusion and arabic flamenco. For 5 years dancer of the Ametistea Fusion Company company she takes part in many local and international events.

Monica Tironi
Biodanza teacher
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Having graduating from ISEF in Milan, she teaches Biodanza courses for children, teenagers, adults and couples. She possesses various specializations in clinical Biodanza including Biodanza and deep femininity, sexual rehabilitation, gerontology, neo-shamanism, tarot cards, aquatic Biodanza and Project Minotaur.

Rossana Fracassini
Shiatsu operator
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She started her studies in the Shiatsu-Do Italian Academy in Milan, where she collaborated as a tutor with FSE and took part in the Shin Wa initiative. She continued her work with Prenatal Shiatsu courses, herbal massage and first level Watsu. She gained experience in Indian foot-massage and spiritual energy massage through training in Mumbay.

Chiara Antonini
Holistic Kick Boxing instructor
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Martial arts enthusiast, for several years she practises and teaches Kick Boxing, Shaolin e Wushu e Sanda. She’s also expert in Personal Defence.